ROYARIC Kingdom is a young local fashion brand founded in the year 2018, 17th of August. ROYARIC was named after the words "Royal" and "Rich", while Kingdom is described as the land for fashion.

In our stand, royal and rich are not only about the great deals of status and wealth we have in life. We believe that it is more about our richness in wisdom and love, as well as loyal and charms as the values of royal.

Thus ROYARIC Kingdom strives to enhance the value of life for all by creating premium quality, unique and minimal fashion pieces to help build confidence and positive vibes in the world. We believe that one who wears our fashion piece can seek happiness and fulfillment, walk confidently, and smile charmingly.

In terms of design, ROYARIC Kingdom goes to a great length of creating unique yet minimal designs for the modern lifestyle. All fashion pieces are created through inspiration from art, habits, and values of life which designed to raise and help expressing the inner beauty of individuals.

Everyone can be like the prince and princess, just like you and me. - START IMAGINING

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